A group of Seattle moms had their breast milk tested, and all of them had ‘concerning’ l …

a group of seattle moms had their breast milk tested and all of them had concerning levels of toxic forever chemicals 1

Sumary of A group of Seattle moms had their breast milk tested, and all of them had ‘concerning’ levels of toxic ‘forever chemicals’:

  • A study found dangerous levels of PFAS in the breast milk of 50 Seattle-area mothers.
  • The study detected some newer PFAS that could also be harmful to human health.
  • PFAS – human-made, potentially toxic “forever chemicals” – have been found in cosmetics, drinking water, and firefighting foam.
  • TOP VIDEOS FOR YOU A recent study detected significant levels of the chemicals in breast milk from 50 new mothers living in the Seattle area.
  • The samples tested had PFAS levels that wouldn’t be safe for drinking water, and the study authors said the findings were “cause for concern.
  • Exposure as early as infancy could lead to health problems later in life, including high cholesterol, cancer, weakened immune system function, and thyroid hormone disruption.
  • Technology, was the first report of PFAS levels in breast milk collected in the US in the past 15 years.
  • Those chemicals represented nearly 40% of the total PFAS contamination in the Seattle study, since they’re still circulating in human bodies and communities.

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