Across America, Black People Have Worse Health Outcomes

across america black people have worse health outcomes

Sumary of Across America, Black People Have Worse Health Outcomes:

  • 18, 2021 — Race-based gaps in health care and health outcomes persist in every region of the United States, a new state-by-state report card shows.
  • Racial and ethnic disparities woven throughout America and its system of health care mean that people of color are more likely to die younger from preventable illnesses than white people, according to a racial equity scorecard developed by The Commonwealth Fund, a nonprofit health research group.
  • “We found that health equity does not exist in any state in the U.S., not even in states with historically stronger health systems,” said report author David Radley, a senior scientist with The Commonwealth Fund.
  • “In every state, we see that health system performance is markedly worse for people of color compared to white people.
  • ” As a result, Black Americans and Native Americans are more likely in most states to die from diabetes complications, breast cancer and other conditions that are treatable with timely access to high-quality health care, the report found.
  • For the report, the researchers assessed each state based on 24 different indicators of health system performance bunched into three groups: health outcomes;
  • “In almost every state, health system performance experienced by white people is better than the average performance achieved among people in all groups,” Radley said.
  • The report identified six states with the best health care in the land — Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island — but serious racial inequities persisted even in those states.

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