After Beating Cancer This Entrepreneur Is Removing The Stigma Around Taking Medication

after beating cancer this entrepreneur is removing the stigma around taking medication

Sumary of After Beating Cancer This Entrepreneur Is Removing The Stigma Around Taking Medication:

  • Tabuu is a pill case that removes the stigma around taking medication.
  • She was determined to solve a problem that she and many other chronically ill and disabled people face.
  • In 2020, Rout had her digestive system reconstructed to remove pancreatic cancer aged 25. After this surgery, doctors told her that she would need to take 20 tablets a day for the rest of her life.
  • Rout searched everywhere for a thoughtfully designed, stylish pill case to keep her medication in and was disappointed to find only flimsy, plastic, highly medical options on the market.
  • Rout searched the media for open, honest conversations around medication and representation of people with chronic illnesses and disabilities going through similar journeys, and she couldn’t find them.
  • Routs solution was to build a brand on a mission to start the conversations people are often too uncomfortable to have and provide beautifully designed, practical products for the millions of people worldwide who deserve so much better than having their needs ignored.
  • There is a magnitude of stigmas surrounding medication and about those who take them.
  • When Rout acknowledged the unnecessary shame surrounding medication, she soon realized she had nothing to apologize for.

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