Antibiotics may help to treat melanoma

antibiotics may help to treat melanoma

Sumary of Antibiotics may help to treat melanoma:

  • Some antibiotics appear to be effective against a form of skin cancer known as melanoma.
  • Researchers at KU Leuven, Belgium, examined the effect of these antibiotics on patient-derived tumours in mice.
  • Researchers from KU Leuven may have found a new weapon in the fight against melanoma: antibiotics that target the ‘power plants’ of cancer cells.
  • These antibiotics exploit a vulnerability that arises in tumour cells when they try to survive cancer therapy.
  • “As the cancer evolves, some melanoma cells may escape the treatment and stop proliferating to ‘hide’ from the immune system.
  • These are the cells that have the potential to form a new tumour mass at a later stage” explains cancer researcher and RNA biologist Eleonora Leucci (KU Leuven).
  • “In order to survive the cancer treatment however, those inactive cells need to keep their ‘power plants’ — the mitochondria — switched on at all times.
  • ” As mitochondria derive from bacteria that, over time, started living inside cells, they are very vulnerable to a specific class of antibiotics.

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