Bowel cancer: When your severe fatigue could signal the deadly disease

bowel cancer when your severe fatigue could signal the deadly disease

Sumary of Bowel cancer: When your severe fatigue could signal the deadly disease:

  • Bowel cancer is a general term for cancerous cells that multiply uncontrollably in the large bowel (colon and rectum)..
  • Blood in your stools should not be your only concern as there are many other lesser-known signs of bowel cancer including severe fatigue..
  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue) is one of the most common effects of cancer and its treatment, said Bowel Cancer UK..
  • Diagnosing fatigue as a potential symptom of bowel cancer In a study published in Clinical Colorectal Cancer it noted:.
  • “Fatigue (defined as asthenia, lethargy, and malaise) is graded according to the effect on the patient daily living, with grade 4 identified as disabling..
  • “These different definitions may lead to ambiguity when recognizing cancer-related fatigue, and along with potential cultural influences attributing varying importance to this symptom, patients may continue to be undertreated..
  • “It must be noted that discussion is still underway regarding the multidimensional nature of fatigue, including how many dimensions may be involved..
  • “The EAPC has developed an algorithm for the diagnosis of fatigue in cancer patients, which involves initial screening of patients for fatigue in the clinic, where a single question inquiring how the patient feels is asked (eg, ‘Do you feel unusually tired or weak?,’ ‘How weak are you?,’ or ‘How tired are you?’).”.
  • A person risk of developing bowel (colon and rectal) cancer depends on many things including age, genetics and lifestyle factors….

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