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Boy orphaned after widowed mum dies

A young family has been torn apart after a mum died from cancer – leaving her eight-year-old son orphaned just five years after his father died.An eight-year-old boy has been left orphaned after his mum died of terminal cancer years after the tragic death of his dad.Vicky Myers,...

Creating a safe CAR T-Cell therapy to fight solid tumors in children

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy -- CAR T -- has revolutionized leukemia treatment. Unfortunately, the therapy has not been effective for treating solid tumors including childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma. Preclinical studies using certain CAR T against neuroblastoma revealed toxic effects. Now, a group of scientists at Children's...

Better post-surgery care would dramatically improve cancer survival

Patients in low-and lower-middle-income countries were up to six times more likely to die from complications within 30 days of surgery compared with those in high-income countries, the report said. Hospitals in these countries were found to be less likely to have post-surgical facilities or care plans in...

Scientists discover link between nicotine and breast cancer metastasis

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer among women in the United States, and cigarette smoking is associated with a higher incidence of breast cancer spread, or metastasis, lowering the survival rate by 33% at diagnosis. While cigarette smoking's link to cancer is well-known, the role of...

Indian-origin expert leads UK study on cancer survival chances

London, January 22 An Indian-origin expert at the University of Birmingham has led an international study which finds that patients’ chances of survival after cancer surgery is strongly linked with the standard of post-operative hospital care. Dr Aneel Bhangu from the NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Global...

New drug target valid for breast cancer as well as lymphoma

One more piece of the puzzle has fallen into place behind a new drug whose anti-cancer potential was developed at the University of Alberta and is set to begin human trials this year, thanks to newly published research. The results provide more justification and rationale for starting the...

How to find mutated sperm? Just go FISH

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are known to cause harsh side effects that patients can see or feel throughout their bodies. Yet there are additional, unseen and often undiscussed consequences of these important therapies: the impacts on their future pregnancies and hopes for healthy children. Extensive evidence shows that...
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