Everyday chemicals, hormones, and breast cancer: What is the link?

everyday chemicals hormones and breast cancer what is the link

Sumary of Everyday chemicals, hormones, and breast cancer: What is the link?:

  • Another cell culture study joins the list of research investigating the link between environmental chemicals and breast cancer.
  • Share on PinterestA new study suggests that some synthetic chemicals could increase the risk of breast cancer by stimulating hormones.
  • Nirut Sangkeaw/EyeEm/Getty ImagesWe have exposure to dozens of chemicals daily.
  • Ruthann Rudel, research director at the Silent Spring Institute in Newton, MA, and Silent Spring scientist Bethsaida Cardona started their research with that question in mind.
  • They sought to identify preventable causes of breast cancer and investigated which chemicals might contribute to an increased risk of this condition.
  • As part of their study, Rudel and Cardona went through data on 2,000 chemicals listed in the EPA’s Toxicity Forecaster, which is a program that screens chemicals for potential health hazards.
  • In their review, the researchers found 296 chemicals that caused an increase in levels of estradiol, which is a form of estrogen and the major female sex hormone, progesterone levels, or both estradiol and progesterone in adrenal cell culture.
  • “In this study,” Rudel told Medical News Today, “we used new data produced by EPA to identify commonly used chemicals that have been shown to increase the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone in cells in a dish because this is directly relevant to hormone receptor [HR]-positive breast cancer.

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