How I Changed My Relationship With Fear


Sumary of How I Changed My Relationship With Fear:

  • I was certain the lump I had felt in my breast was simply a cyst or a fibroadenoma — two of the most common benign breast tumors..
  • Fixated on these questions, I drowned in devastation and denial, searching for something to blame for the fact that I had cancer..
  • It only natural to wonder how the hell I got to this point, but staying stalled in my past didn’t serve me in my current situation — a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient who needed to get a port placed to start chemotherapy ASAP..
  • Allowing my fear to surface, I noted it as a heaviness in my core that radiated icy-hot spikes through my limbs and a blossoming, steamy fullness in my cheeks..
  • The more I practiced this process, the easier it became to experience all the emotions that arose when I was diagnosed with breast cancer..
  • In fact, understanding myself in this way brought me clarity as to how I wanted to proceed as a young mom and doctor diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately shaped my strength through my breast cancer journey…

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