Lung cancer: ‘Ground breaking’ drug that stops tumour growth to be offered to NHS patients

lung cancer ground breaking drug that stops tumour growth to be offered to nhs patients

Sumary of Lung cancer: ‘Ground breaking’ drug that stops tumour growth to be offered to NHS patients:

  • Lung cancer is the world’s most deadly cancer, with only 15 percent of those diagnosed surviving more than five years after diagnosis.
  • Up to one in four of those cancers will have a mutation in the KRAS gene, which generally results in poorer prognosis for patients.
  • However, a new drug which binds to the mutation protein and stops it working, has just been acquired by the NHS.Lung cancer patients in England are set to become the first to receive a “ground breaking” new treatment shown to stall the growth of tumours.
  • The drug, Sotorasib, is set to be fast-tracked to NHS patients after it was proven in clinical trials to stop lung cancer growing for seven months.
  • The novel treatment, developed by Drugmaker Amgen, has so far been tested on patients with the most common types of lung cancer, known as non-small cell cancer.
  • Bowel cancer symptoms: The ‘sensation’ when having a poo that can be a signTaken as a tablet, the drug binds with the KRAS G12C mutation and makes it inactive, stopping cell division and cancer growth.
  • The Kras gene or “Death Star” mutation, so-called because of its spherical appearance, occurs in 13 percent of patients with non-small cell cancer.

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