Lutein-zeaxanthin shows continued benefit in AREDS2 supplement for AMD


Sumary of Lutein-zeaxanthin shows continued benefit in AREDS2 supplement for AMD:

  • “It is not recommended for smokers, as beta-carotene increased the risk for lung disease among smokers in two NIH studies.”.
  • The AREDS2 study, conducted between 2006 and 2012, was designed to assess the effects of adding lutein-zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids to the AREDS formulation on AMD outcomes..
  • Results showed a twofold increased risk for lung cancer among randomized patients who received the standard AREDS formulation that contained beta-carotene, whereas those who received AREDS with lutein-zeaxanthin showed incremental benefits in reduced progression to late AMD..
  • “Safety concerns of beta-carotene led to replacement of beta-carotene with lutein-zeaxanthin in the AREDS formulation,”.
  • At 10 years, the researchers found that the addition of lutein-zeaxanthin had a significant beneficial effect for reducing progression to late AMD (P = .04) compared with the main effects of omega-3 fatty acids, low zinc and low beta-carotene (P .5)..
  • Additionally, patients randomized to receive lutein-zeaxanthin had a lower risk for developing lung cancer (P = .35) compared with those who received beta-carotene (P = .02)..
  • “Incremental beneficial effects of lutein-zeaxanthin in the efficacy of AREDS2 supplements continues when comparing lutein-zeaxanthin with beta-carotene in the follow-on, especially for neovascular AMD,”…

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