Missing the radiological forest for the trees

missing the radiological forest for the trees

Sumary of Missing the radiological forest for the trees:

  • A study from University of Utah researchers Lauren Williams, Trafton Drew and colleagues finds that even experienced radiologists, when looking for one abnormality, can completely miss another..
  • says Williams, a recent U graduate and now a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California, San Diego, “and this research demonstrates that even highly trained experts are bound by the same machinery as everyone else.”.
  • Experience wasn’t a factor in whether or not the radiologists noticed the abnormalities, the researchers found, suggesting that years of experience doesn’t outweigh universal cognitive truths, and that missing the abnormalities isn’t a reflection on the competence or skill of the radiologist..
  • In a subsequent experiment, however, instead of asking the radiologists to look for lung cancer nodules, the researchers asked radiologists to look at the same scan and report on a broader range of abnormalities….

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