New mechanism involved in early melanoma metastasis discovered

new mechanism involved in early melanoma metastasis discovered

Sumary of New mechanism involved in early melanoma metastasis discovered:

  • ” Héctor Peinado, researcher, Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) How tumors manipulate their environment to advance is one of the big questions that Peinado has been trying to answer for years.
  • For decades “to fight tumors, researchers focused on studying their intrinsic behavior, but not on their surroundings.
  • Metastasis Group, which studies the mechanisms involved in metastatic progression, including how nanoparticles called exosomes, which are released by tumors, manipulate the tumor microenvironment to favor metastasis.
  • A paper published this week in the prestigious journal Nature Cancer describes how this critical process for melanoma progression occurs: exosomes travel and home to the sentinel lymph node -the lymph node where metastasis initially occurs- from where they remotely prepare a favorable environment -the pre-metastatic niche- for metastasis.
  • In this study, they observed that the NGFR molecule drives this entire process and that blocking it drastically reduces metastasis in animal models.
  • The scientists also propose NGFR as a new biomarker of early melanoma metastasis to define risk groups and predict metastasis.
  • “A higher number of NGFR-expressing metastatic cells in the sentinel lymph node correlates with a worse disease prognosis,” says Susana Garcia Silva, co-first author of the study.
  • Unlike other skin cancers, melanoma is one of the most aggressive tumors;

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