Newly developed software unveils relationships between RNA modifications and cancers

newly developed software unveils relationships between rna modifications and cancers

Sumary of Newly developed software unveils relationships between RNA modifications and cancers:

  • In a research breakthrough, a team of researchers from the Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI Singapore) at the National University of Singapore has developed a software that can help reveal the relationships between RNA modifications and the development of diseases and disorders.
  • Led by Professor Daniel Tenen and Dr Henry Yang, the scientists devised ModTect — a new computational software that can identify RNA modifications using pre-existing sequencing data from clinical cohort studies.
  • We show that the epitranscriptome was dysregulated in patients across multiple cancer types and was additionally associated with cancer progression and survival outcomes,” explained Dr Henry Yang, Research Associate Professor from CSI Singapore.
  • “In the past decade, the ability to sequence the Human Genome has transformed the study of normal processes and diseases such as cancer.
  • We anticipate that studies like this one, eventually leading to complete sequencing of RNA and detecting modifications directly in RNA, will also have a major impact on the characterisation of disease and lead to novel therapeutic approaches,” commented Prof Tenen, Senior Principal Investigator from CSI Singapore.
  • The team’s breakthrough was published in the scientific journal Science Advances on 4 August 2021. What are RNA modifications?
  • Detecting RNA modifications often involves technically complex processes, such as treating the samples with chemicals that are difficult to access.
  • Mismatch signals arise when the experimental enzymes scientists use to turn RNA back into DNA incorporates random nucleotides during sequencing.

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