Using T cells to target malignant brain tumors

using t cells to target malignant brain tumors

Sumary of Using T cells to target malignant brain tumors:

  • Doctors and scientists from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) and from Heidelberg University’s Medical Faculty Mannheim have successfully tested a neoantigen-specific transgenic immune cell therapy for malignant brain tumors for the first time using an experimental model in mice.
  • However, a basic requirement for this kind of targeted immunotherapy is to identify target molecules that are found exclusively on the tumor cells and are recognized by the immune system.
  • Using an experimental mouse model, Bunse and his team have now demonstrated for the first time that transgenic T cells targeting tumor neoepitopes can be used to treat gliomas.
  • They subsequently transferred the isolated TCR gene to cells and were thus able to grow large amounts of “transgenic” T cells in a petri dish that all had an identical, highly active TCR targeting the CIC neoepitope.
  • In order to study their efficacy, the researchers injected the transgenic cells directly into the brain ventricles of glioma-bearing mice.
  • In combination with radiotherapy, the T cell therapy led to glioma rejection in some of the animals.
  • “Here we have shown for the first time in an experimental model that a neoantigen-specific TCR-transgenic cell therapy can be effective against gliomas,” explained Michael Kilian, first author of the study.
  • “These kinds of neoepitope-specific TCR-transgenic T cells could be used in future in cancer patients who cannot be treated using CAR T cells,” he added.

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