Weak urine stream? What to do if you can’t wee when you go to the toilet

weak urine stream what to do if you cant wee when you go to the toilet

Sumary of Weak urine stream? What to do if you can’t wee when you go to the toilet:

  • In men, if your stream of urine is weak this could point towards issues with your prostate.
  • For women, this normally signals bladder prolapse but for men, the most common cause of this issue is Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or another problem with the prostate.
  • Here are the five possible prostate issues linked to a weak urine stream and what to do to fix them.
  • READ MORE- Signs of autism in adults – the 8 unique personality traitsProstate enlargementProstate enlargement is a very common condition associated with ageing, and it could be to blame for your weak urine flow.
  • More than one in three of all men over 50 will have some symptoms of prostate enlargement, according to the NHS.The site reads: “It’s not known why the prostate gets bigger as you get older, but it is not caused by cancer and does not increase your risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • “An enlarged prostate can put pressure on the urethra, which can affect how you urinate.
  • ”Signs of an enlarged prostate can include difficulty starting or stopping urinating, a weak flow of urine, straining when peeing, feeling like you’re not able to fully empty your bladder, prolonged dribbling after you’ve finished peeing, needing to pee more frequently or more suddenly and waking up frequently during the night to pee.
  • The NHS recommends cutting down how much fluid you drink before bed and your doctor may prescribe medicine to reduce the size of your prostate and relax the muscles of your bladder.

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