Why Black Women Are More Likely to Die from Breast Cancer


Sumary of Why Black Women Are More Likely to Die from Breast Cancer:

  • Share on PinterestExperts say socioeconomic factors and a quicker rate of metastasis are factors in the higher death rate from breast cancer for Black women..
  • FG Trade/Getty Images Researchers are studying why Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than white women..
  • In the past, experts have noted that breast cancer tends to be diagnosed later in Black women due to less access to healthcare services..
  • Then, when they get to a doctor, not only do they learn they have breast cancer, but there a spot on their skin or spine or brain..
  • That how breast cancer survivor Kommah McDowell describes the women she tries to help navigate through a difficult diagnosis..
  • She told Healthline that many of the women she tries to help are Black and from low-income households in communities without much access to healthcare..
  • Researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City started with what already known about racial disparities in breast cancer….

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