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Worldwide info & news on bulimia treatment and prevent tips help you to improve bulimia condition, iWeller shares bulimia healthcare information with love.

Dieting: Villain or scapegoat?

Lowe, along with doctoral students Joanna Chen and Simar Singh, explain the relation of this background to dieting in two recently published papers in Appetite and Physiology &…

New Insights Into How Eating Disorders Alter the Brain

THURSDAY, July 1, 2021 — Behaviors associated with eating disorders can make real changes to the brain, new research shows.. The findings could help explain why these serious disorders are often chronic — and may also point…

Top 20 Fittest Female Hollywood Legends

The Hollywood legends on this list have taken this message to heart and deserve praise, both for their artistic achievements and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.. But, with the wisdom of age, these amazing actresses,…

Eating disorders surged among adolescents in pandemic

But after the coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed in Graham, Wash., her daughter spent most of her time alone in her room.. Experts across the country who treat eating disorders in adolescents and young adults say…

Top 10 Fittest Female Icons over 70

The women on this list not only have long, successful careers but have also taken risks and proven their resilience in a town that is notoriously fickle.. These female icons are a phenomenal example to all women for their…


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