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Worldwide info & news on Eczema treatment and prevent tips help you to improve Eczema condition, iWeller shares Eczema healthcare information with love.

What It’s Like to Be a Mom With Eczema

Fast forward a few hours and you’re tired and need a break, which you can take during nap time after you feed the kids lunch.. Fast forward more and it the evening, which means cooking dinner, feeding kids, bath time, bedtime,…

Varicose veins: are they harmful?

These are swollen and twisted superficial veins – which often appear on the legs – that typically only bother people because of their appearance.. But many people may not be aware that in some cases varicose veins can…

Wildfire Smoke Can Trigger Eczema, Study Finds

THURSDAY, April 22, 2021 — When wildfires choked the air and turned the skies orange throughout the American West in recent years, they caused a variety of health problems from coughs and runny noses to life-threatening…

Wildfire smoke linked to skin disease

Wildfire smoke can trigger a host of respiratory and cardiovascular symptoms, ranging from runny nose and cough to a potentially life-threatening heart attack or stroke.. A new study suggests that the dangers posed by wildfire…

How Eczema Can Lead to Learning Disabilities in Children

They said they’re not sure what the correlation is, but it could be that the itching and scratching from the condition disrupt sleep as well as concentration.. When two of Christopher Adams’ children developed eczema…

Latest remedy for eczema – rub bacteria on to your skin! 

Scientists have developed an unlikely treatment for the dry skin condition eczema — a cream that is packed with human skin bacteria.. Studies suggest a healthy strain of skin bacteria can effectively treat flare-ups in…

8 Laundry Tips for People With Eczema

But if you’re managing eczema, you may want to put some extra thought into how you wash your clothes and what you use to do so.. “Some laundry products have chemicals that can be irritating to the skin, and any irritation…

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