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Avian flu: From symptoms to precautions, here’s what you need to know

While we try to stay optimistic amid the COVID-19 pandemic — with a vaccine now in sight — a new health scare has us worrying. Avian flu, also known as bird flu, has created quite a stir and people have been wondering how dangerous it is, and what they can possibly do to stay safe. But while there’s an influx of rumours, Dr Kirti Sabnis, Infectious Disease Specialist,...

‘An unmitigated disaster’: America’s year of Covid

On 20 January 2020, the US saw its first confirmed coronavirus case – the beginning of a tsunami of infection that Trump failed to properly addressAt around 5pm on 20 January 2020, Dr George Diaz received a call from…

New SARS-CoV-2 variant emerges in the U.S.

Even as the rollout of vaccines all over the world brings a glimmer of hope that the current coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic may end in the near future, new variants continue to emerge, some with the potential to…

Flu vaccine effectiveness low among immunocompromised patients

Influenza vaccine effectiveness was significantly lower among immunocompromised adults compared with nonimmunocompromised adults during the severe 2017-2018 influenza season, according to a study.“The number of immunocompromised individuals has increased in the last several years, due to higher life expectancy…


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