11 Soothing Nighttime Habits for Restful Sleep and a Productive Next Morning

11 soothing nighttime habits for restful sleep and a productive next morning

Sumary of 11 Soothing Nighttime Habits for Restful Sleep and a Productive Next Morning:

  • If you think you might be dealing with this, Dr. Aysola recommends avoiding going to sleep with a full belly: “End your last meal a couple hours before bedtime so you have less of a chance of reflux interfering with your sleep.
  • “Light exposure, particularly LED light from backlit electronic screens, within four hours prior to natural sleep onset can move your [internal] clock later and make it harder to fall asleep and wake up,” Dr. Goldstein says.
  • “I really recommend large, close-range backlit LED screens like tablets, laptops, and computers, have a hard stop within two hours before bed,” Dr. Goldstein says.
  • In addition to meditating, she also avoids screens 30 minutes before bed.
  • As we near bedtime, our body temperature naturally starts to drop, as we mentioned.
  • If the temperature in the room is too hot, but our bodies want to cool down, it can interfere with this natural process.
  • Taking a warm bath or shower will help facilitate that body temperature drop, Dr. Goldstein says.
  • The temperature gradient causes heat loss through the core, so the core temperature is ultimately cooled down.

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