Declining eyesight: 3 minutes of simple practice can lead to ‘significant improvement’

declining eyesight 3 minutes of simple practice can lead to significant improvement

Sumary of Declining eyesight: 3 minutes of simple practice can lead to ‘significant improvement’:

  • The new study by University College London has discovered that exposure to deep red light can really improve your declining eyesight.
  • The research published in Scientific Reports has built on previous work, suggesting that three minutes of exposure to longwave deep red light daily can give naturally declining vision a boost.
  • This previous research studied the effects of switching the light on energy-producing mitochondria cells in the retina.
  • The team has also compared the red-light exposure throughout different parts of the day.
  • The findings suggest that the use of 670 nanometre deep red light for three minutes leads to a 17 percent improvement in colour contrast vision on average.
  • The study found that this improvement was only visible when participants used the light in the morning.
  • Lead author, Professor Glen Jeffery said: “We demonstrate that one single exposure to long wave deep red light in the morning can significantly improve declining vision.
  • Professor Jeffrey said: “Mitochondria have specific sensitivities to long wavelength light influencing their performance.

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