Flu vaccine side effects: Three symptoms to look out for – ‘seek urgent medical advice&# …

flu vaccine side effects three symptoms to look out for seek urgent medical advice

Sumary of Flu vaccine side effects: Three symptoms to look out for – ‘seek urgent medical advice’:

  • The jab is usually injected into a muscle and can cause possible side effects, including three signalling a need for “urgent medical advice”.
  • Although rare, allergic reactions caused by the jab warrants “urgent medical advice”, the health portal advises.
  • Here are the warning signs signalling allergic reaction:BreathlessnessSwellingRash.
  • DON’T MISS: If you develop any signs like this, you “should seek urgent medical advice”, explains Patient.
  • Allergic reaction isn’t the only side effect of flu vaccine, more common include:Mild soreness, swelling, or redness around the site of the injectionMild feverLoss of appetiteFeeling tired or weakMuscle ache and headacheBlocked or runny nose.
  • After getting your jab, you will be asked to stay at the site for several minutes to ensure you don’t develop a bad reaction, states Patient.

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