Keeping chocolate milk smooth, stable without carrageenan

keeping chocolate milk smooth stable without carrageenan

Sumary of Keeping chocolate milk smooth, stable without carrageenan:

  • Fat-free chocolate milk processed for the first time with high-pressure jet technology exhibits enhanced viscosity, stabilizing cocoa particles in the fluid and eliminating the need for adding a controversial emulsifier.
  • That’s the conclusion of a team of Penn State researchers, whose study suggests that the new technology can preclude the use of carrageenan in chocolate milk.
  • The widely used food additive — which helps keep the liquid smooth and well-mixed even after days sitting on a store shelf — is not desired by many consumers, especially in organic chocolate milk.
  • “And carrageenan definitely is not something they want in chocolate milk.
  • We know that USDA has considered banning it for organic chocolate milks.
  • ” In the study, researchers thermally treated fat-free chocolate milk formulations containing skim milk, cocoa powder and sugar and then processed them using high-pressure jet technology from 125 to 500 megapascals.
  • The viscosity, flow properties and stability of chocolate milks treated with high-pressure jets were compared with chocolate milks that did not undergo high-pressure jet processing, prepared both with and without adding carrageenan.
  • As expected, carrageenan-free chocolate milk exhibited immediate phase separation of the cocoa powder, whereas formulations containing carrageenan were stable for 14 days, with cocoa particles not dropping out of suspension.

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