protect elderly against the twindemic experts

Sumary of Protect elderly against the ‘twindemic’–experts:

  • For her part, PFV Founder and Executive Director Dr. Lulu Bravo supported Dr. Poblete’s statements, who said that another way to protect senior citizens from the flu is by having everyone around them be vaccinated against influenza.
  • Give them the flu vaccine they need to prevent them from getting hospitalized,” Dr. Bravo explained.
  • Recognizing the vulnerability of elderly citizens to the “twindemic,” the Senior Citizens Party-list have beefed up its efforts to ensure that more seniors will be vaccinated against the flu.
  • Discussing the party-list’s best practices on flu immunization, lawyer Charles de Belen, Legal and Legislative Head of the Senior Citizens Party-list, represented in the Congress by Rep. Rodolfo Ordanes, said that only three out of 10 elderly citizens are aware of flu vaccination, while four of 10 know of pneumococcal vaccination.
  • However, what’s troubling, de Belen said, is that 53 percent of those aware are not vaccinated against pneumonia, while 36 percent of those who are aware of flu vaccines are not vaccinated.
  • That is why, according to de Belen, they have proposed policies and programs for the immunization of the elderly.

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