The CDC Is Investigating A Massive College Campus Flu Outbreak

the cdc is investigating a massive college campus flu outbreak

Sumary of The CDC Is Investigating A Massive College Campus Flu Outbreak:

  • A massive flu outbreak at the University of Michigan has caught the attention of public health officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • The first positive test was on October 6, according to the college’s newspaper The University Record.
  • Since then, 528 cases have been diagnosed by the University Health Service (UHS) on campus, with a large upswing over the past two weeks.
  • During the week of November 1, UHS diagnosed 198 new cases, with 27% of all tests performed coming back positive.
  • The week of November 8, there were 313 new cases, and the positive test rate increased to 37%.
  • , medical director of the Washtenaw County Health Department (WCHD), told The University Record.
  • Experts worry about what it could indicate more broadly for the upcoming flu season.
  • While the investigation—conducted by a team of experts from the CDC, university, and state and county health departments—is only just getting underway, so far it appears that low flu vaccination rates may be one factor.

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