What to Expect From Addiction Treatment, Because There Are So Many Options

what to expect from addiction treatment because there are so many options

Sumary of What to Expect From Addiction Treatment, Because There Are So Many Options:

  • Current treatments for addiction include inpatient programs, outpatient programs, behavioral therapy, medication, and group addiction counseling, among others.
  • There are two main types of addiction treatments: inpatient and outpatient.
  • Inpatient care is designed to help you safely go through withdrawal from a substance before addressing the thought patterns and behaviors that drive the addiction.
  • Most programs, both inpatient and outpatient, follow an abstinence model, which means (with help) you quit using any and all substances.
  • That’s why some outpatient services follow a “harm reduction model”—a term you might hear people use in recovery circles.
  • This style of treatment focuses on reducing substance use to a point in which it stops causing harm to yourself or others, but doesn’t eliminate substance use 100%, according to the National Harm Reduction Coalition.
  • Here’s a closer look at each type of addiction treatment:Inpatient treatmentThe highest level of addiction treatment is a medically managed inpatient unit, says Dr. Goldman.
  • Known as “detox,” this process can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms2—such as seizures, tremors, vomiting, fever, or even hallucinations–which is why medically managed inpatient units are necessary for some people, says Dr. Goldman.

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