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The risks of pain in the neck and how to manage it

New Delhi, February 28 A pain in the neck happens to be the fourth leading cause of disability globally, lagging behind ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and lower respiratory infection. Neck pain can interfere with daily life, including the ability to feel productive, sleep, and enjoy time with family. It is a common occurrence…

Work-from-home routine: What shoulder and neck pain could indicate

For a long time now, many people across the country have been working remotely. But the work-from-home schedule has not exactly been as comfortable as it was expected. Close to a year now, people have started to realise that the home space lacks a certain discipline that office cubicles and desks provide. As such, many have complained of neck and shoulder

It’s time to leave behind spondylitis pain with the help of these 4 yoga asanas

Don’t let cervical spondylitis come in the way of your well-being. Rather, trust these 4 exercises for spondylitis that come from the ancient practice of yoga. The spine and the neck provide the framework for our bodies and movement. That is why it is extremely important for us to take care of our back and spine, lest we want to fall prey to cervical

Best acupuncture mats for relaxation and pain relief

Laying on a bed of spikes doesn’t exactly sound relaxing, but somehow, it is. These mats are covered with thousands of strategically positioned spikes that won’t break the skin but still manage to deliver some of the healing therapy of Acupuncture. Helping to relax muscles and stimulate nerves, while the first few minutes of the mat are uncomfortable

Chronic Headaches Are a Pain

Doctors’ Notes Real stories by real family physicians If headache pain is getting in the way of your daily activities, it’s time to see your family doctor. by Dr. Jennifer Hanna About the Author Dr. Jennifer Hanna Jennifer M. Hanna, DO, is a family physician who practices at the outpatient family medicine office and resident clinic

These 5 super simple stretches will help you combat neck pain with minimal effort

Free yourself from neck pain by practising these simple neck pain exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere. Listen to this article A stiff and sore neck is a common phenomenon for most of us, considering our perpetually increasing screen time and long hours of being sedentary because of the nature of our work.  A few tips can help avoid

Head, shoulders, knees and toes: the best stretches to see off aches and pains

Working on a laptop in bed all day can be ruinous for your shoulders, back and overall wellbeing. “Your back won’t be supported very well,” says Fiona Houston, a physiotherapist and the founder of Physio Inverness. “It will be slumped. Plus, if your legs are stretched out in front of you, you’ll be putting strain through your nervous system.”

Work from home hurting back and neck; people seek medical help

Pune, September 24 With work from home becoming the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have started complaining of neck pain and backache while working for long hours and are seeking help from physiotherapists. Health experts say this is due to improper sitting postures and people need to follow good ergonomics and working habits

Neck and back pain: How to stay active and avoid pain during lockdown

LOCKDOWN has turned us all into couch potatoes, which could be causing a range of health difficulties including neck and back pain. So how do you stay active while cooped up indoors all day?Want to know more on Neck and back pain: How to stay active and avoid pain during lockdown click here go to health tips source. Health tips summary from Express

Sleep – the one sleep position you should avoid or risk back and neck pain

HOW to sleep: Sleep better by having a good bed time routine, watching your diet, and by avoiding back pain-causing mattresses. But your sleep position could be having a big impact on whether you get a good night's rest. There is one specific sleep position that you must avoid, or you risk serious back pain.Want to know more on Sleep - the one sleep

For better posture and toned neck muscles, do shoulder shrugs at the gym

Shrugging your shoulders might literally showcase your indifference towards something but when it comes to gyming, this term takes a whole new meaning.  Yup, if you are a gym regular then you must know how important doing shoulder shrugs are – especially, when you are striving for that accentuated collar and traps aka trapezius muscle. But
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