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Worldwide info & news on Tuberculosis treatment and prevent tips help you to know more about Tuberculosis, iWeller shares Tuberculosis healthcare information with love.

Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis

A new method that analyzes how individual immune cells react to the bacteria that cause tuberculosis could pave the way for new vaccine strategies against this deadly disease, and …

Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis

One of the ways that cells protect against these ‘intracellular’ pathogens is to undergo a form of cell death called apoptosis — destroying the cell as well as the microbes with…

Namibia: Ohangwena’s Vaccine Struggles

The Ohangwena region has vaccinated a total of 6 564 people since the beginning of the vaccine roll-out programme two months ago, regional governor Walde Ndevashiya said on Friday.. Ndevashiya delivered his state of the region…

Africa: Covid-19 – Africa Plans a Vaccine Revolution

Very few vaccines have found their way into the arms of Africans as they struggle with a surge in COVID-19 infections.. The third wave of coronavirus is rolling through much of Africa — and it could be the most severe of…

Reducing tuberculosis in England with a long-term action plan

© iStock-Chinnapong A new five-year action plan to reduce cases of tuberculosis (TB) in England has been launched by the UK Health Security Agency, working with NHS England.. The TB action plan will last from 2021 to 2026…

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