14 post-Covid patients suffer large abscesses in liver, one dies: Ganga Ram hospital

14 post covid patients suffer large abscesses in liver one dies ganga ram hospital

Sumary of 14 post-Covid patients suffer large abscesses in liver, one dies: Ganga Ram hospital:

  • New Delhi, July 22 Fourteen post-Covid patients, eight of whom had received steroids during treatment, were diagnosed with “unusually large” and multiple liver abscesses, and one of them died due to massive bleeding in abdomen, authorities at a leading private hospital here said on Thursday.
  • These patients, ten men and four women in the age group of 28-74, were brought to the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in the last two months with “unusual manifestations”, doctors said.
  • “We saw for the first time in last two months unusually large and multiple liver abscesses in fourteen patients after recovery from COVID-19 infection,” a spokesperson of the facility said.
  • While lives if 13 of these patients could be saved, one patient with large multiple abscesses died due to massive bleeding in abdomen after rupture of abscess in the abdominal cavity, he said, adding the rest are stable and have been discharged.
  • Doctors said all the patients had “fever and upper abdominal pain and three of them also had associated lower GI (gastrointestinal) bleeding with black-coloured stool”.
  • Eight of these patients had received steroids for the management of COVID-19 symptoms, Arora said.
  • Six patients had multiple large abscesses in both lobes of liver of which five patients had unusually large abscess (more than 8 cm), the largest being 19 cm in size, the doctor said.
  • “Three patients who had blood during stool discharge, showed ulcers in large intestine, which were detected by colonoscopy.

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