4 states have defied the CDC and approved COVID boosters for all. Experts say the rest should too.

4 states have defied the cdc and approved covid boosters for all experts say the rest should too

Sumary of 4 states have defied the CDC and approved COVID boosters for all. Experts say the rest should too.:

  • FDA and CDC advisers have also expressed worries about undermining confidence in the vaccines — which still provide significant protection — at a time when millions of Americans have yet to receive their first jab.
  • (Jessica Rinaldi/Boston Globe via Getty Images)Other research shows the same effect.
  • Previously, there had only been “vaccine effectiveness reports without randomization, without a placebo control group and [with] multiple potential confounding factors,” according to Dr. Eric Topol, head of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.
  • But they have questioned whether full protection against infection should be the goal, especially among younger, healthier Americans, or whether immunization efforts should focus instead on shielding the most vulnerable from severe outcomes.
  • A CDC study from September found that unvaccinated Americans remain 11 times more likely than their vaccinated peers to die of COVID;
  • Yet as the weather cools and holiday celebrations lure Americans indoors, COVID rates are starting to climb in several states with relatively high vaccination rates that were spared the worst of Delta’s summer surge — signaling a potential seasonal spike partially driven by fading immunity.
  • Last winter was the worst phase of the U.S. pandemic — a time when more than 3,000 Americans were dying of COVID each day and more than 250,000 were testing positive.
  • That number plummets even further, to fewer than one in seven, among all Americans who got their second dose at least six months ago.

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