40 Percent of People Who’ve Died from COVID-19 Had Diabetes, Researchers Say

40 percent of people whove died from covid 19 had diabetes researchers say

Sumary of 40 Percent of People Who’ve Died from COVID-19 Had Diabetes, Researchers Say:

  • They add that untreated diabetes can increase the severity of COVID-19.They note that having an inflammatory disease such as diabetes can increase the risks associated with COVID-19 as can accompanying conditions such as high blood pressure and obesity.
  • Conversely, those with low blood sugar levels had less severe COVID-19 complications and shorter hospital stays.
  • “There’s a clear association between having an A1C [blood glucose] level above 7 and the risk of mortality” from COVID-19, said Ricordi.
  • Ricordi said diabetes and COVID-19 are inflammatory diseases that carry an increased risk of dangerous blood clotting.
  • He also emphasized that common comorbidities of diabetes, including obesity and high blood pressure, also likely play a role in a person’s poorer COVID-19 outcome.
  • The findings were based on a study of 369 people admitted to the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, with COVID-19.The study group was categorized into groups of people having normal A1C blood sugar levels, prediabetes, or diabetes.
  • “Our results highlight the importance of assessing, monitoring, and controlling blood glucose in hospitalized COVID-19 patients from the start, specifically for vulnerable populations already at risk of comorbidities,” said Bajpeyi.

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