A Maori tribe tells anti-vaccine protesters to stop performing their haka.

a maori tribe tells anti vaccine protesters to stop performing their haka

Sumary of A Maori tribe tells anti-vaccine protesters to stop performing their haka.:

  • At demonstrations against pandemic restrictions last week in Wellington, the New Zealand capital, some protesters performed the ceremonial Maori dance known as the Ka Mate haka, known internationally for its performance before rugby games.
  • Ngati Toa, the Maori tribe that owns the legal rights to that haka, on Monday called for them to stop.
  • “We insist that protesters stop using our taonga immediately,” Taku Parai, a senior member of Ngati Toa, said in a statement, using the Maori word for a treasure.
  • Ka Mate dates back to 1820 and recounts the story of the heroic escape of Te Rauparaha, a chieftain, from capture by a rival tribe.
  • Historically, pandemics have posed a particular threat to Maori, New Zealand’s Indigenous people.
  • The 1918 flu pandemic devastated Maori communities, killing Maori at a rate seven times that of the wider population, while in the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic, the rate of infection for Maori was twice that of white New Zealanders.

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