A Tale of 2 COVID Vaccine Clinics: Lines in Kenya, Few Takers in Atlanta

a tale of 2 covid vaccine clinics lines in kenya few takers in atlanta

Sumary of A Tale of 2 COVID Vaccine Clinics: Lines in Kenya, Few Takers in Atlanta:

  • NAIROBI – Several hundred people line up every morning, starting before dawn, on a grassy area outside Nairobi’s largest hospital hoping to get the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Halfway around the world, at a church in Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia, two workers with plenty of vaccine doses waited hours Wednesday for anyone to show up, whiling away the time by listening to music from a laptop.
  • In richer countries, people can often pick and choose from multiple available vaccines, walk into a site near their homes and get a shot in minutes.
  • Pop-up clinics, such as the one in Atlanta, bring vaccines into rural areas and urban neighborhoods, but it is common for them to get very few takers.
  • More vaccines have been flowing in recent weeks, but the World Health Organization’s director in Africa said Thursday that the continent will get 25% fewer doses than anticipated by the end of the year, in part because of the rollout of booster shots in wealthier counties such as the United States.
  • Bidian Okoth said he spent more than three hours in line at a Nairobi hospital, only to be told to go home because there weren’t enough doses.
  • But a friend who traveled to the U.S. got a shot almost immediately after his arrival there with a vaccine of his choice, “like candy,” he said.
  • He stopped at one hospital so often on his way to work that a doctor “got tired of seeing me” and told Okoth he would call him when doses were available.

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