Addressing diabetes and low muscle mass


Sumary of Addressing diabetes and low muscle mass:

  • Further research may suggest if alterations of glucose metabolism that acutely occur with severe Covid-19 persist or remit after the infection..
  • Further studies on diabetes care in the Philippines reveal a need for strategies that empower patients to self-monitor glucose levels, make appropriate lifestyle changes, and pharmacological management..
  • To this end, Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is an innovative technology that liberates those living with diabetes from the pain of routine finger pricks, giving them access to accurate and comprehensive glucose findings..
  • The FreeStyle Libre sensor measures glucose every minute in interstitial fluid through a small (5.5mm long) filament that is inserted just under the skin and held in place with a small adhesive pad..
  • The Abbott FreeStyle Libre System is a revolutionary continuous glucose monitoring technology that been helpful especially in time of Covid-19..
  • – Improvements in overall health outcomes without hospital admission or readmission, with at least 5 percent weight gain Malnutrition affects a third of older adults, a population that is expected to grow rapidly in Asia..
  • In the Philippines, malnutrition is prevalent, with more than four out of 10 older adults being at risk of malnutrition..
  • Malnutrition occurs when the body does not get the nutrients it needs and affects both underweight and overweight individuals….

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