Advocates push for in-home COVID-19 vaccinations for vulnerable Canadian seniors

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At age 86, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and prone to falls, John Bedborough would seem to be at the front of the line amid high-risk Canadians prioritized for a COVID-19 vaccine.

But it’s those frailties that make it unlikely he’ll be able to visit a mass vaccination site, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or any other locale expected to administer doses when Ontario begins its community rollout mid-March, says his daughter, Diane Tamblyn.

The Peterborough, Ont. woman is among a chorus of seniors and caregivers who are pushing for in-home inoculations lest thousands of vulnerable Canadians be left behind.

Some geriatricians are also dismissing the suggestion that unique storage and handling requirements prevent home-based deployment of the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, both often described as delicate and tricky to transport.

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Tamblyn says she’s heard nothing about how thousands of housebound seniors like her dad will be protected, noting they are still exposed to possible infection through visiting caregivers and relatives, and highly susceptible to complications…

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