Africa: Do Africa Experts on Biden-Harris Transition Team Signal Policy Direction?


Sumary of Africa: Do Africa Experts on Biden-Harris Transition Team Signal Policy Direction?:

  • “President Cyril Ramaphosa is hopeful of a strong partnership between the United States and the African continent in promoting peace and stability in international relations and advancing multilateralism.”.
  • The team leader for the State Department transition is Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who was the top Africa policy official at State during President Obama’s second term and previously was U.S..
  • When she was tapped to be Assistant Secretary for Africa by Secretary John Kerry in May 2013, she was serving as Director General of the Foreign Service, overseeing human resources and personnel functions for the State Department’s 60,000-person workforce..
  • Agency for International Development until 2017, when she was became senior advisor for Africa Policy at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation..
  • She also served as director for Africa at the National Security Council (NSC), which operates from the White House, from 2009 to 2013 and as senior security analyst for east Africa at the Pentagon from 2002 to 2007..
  • He directed the president’s Young African Leaders Initiative (Yali) and led the department of state’s efforts to counter the global rise of disinformation..
  • The Africa policy lead on the State Department team is Allison Lombardo, whose experience includes NSC Africa director during the Obama administration – managing the Sudan, South Sudan, African Union and Yali portfolios – and the State Department, mostly focusing on South Sudan..
  • The Defense Department team includes retired Admiral Michelle Howard, whose experience includes command of U.S..
  • Naval Forces Europe) – she was the first female four-star admiral to command operational forces and the first woman to become a four-star admiral..
  • The National Security Council team includes Jeohn Salone Favors, an attorney who worked at the State Department officer and CIA Clandestine Service and Counterterrorism Center and managed Middle East and North Africa policy at the NSC during the second Obama term..
  • Jeremy Konyndyk, who serves on the team managing the Department of Health and Human Services , is a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development..
  • At Pangaea, an Africa-focused program, Goosby helped develop and implement national plans to scale-up HIV-Aids treatment in Rwanda, South Africa, China, and Ukraine..
  • Perhaps most deeply engaged in African realities among the Covid-19 advisors is Loyce Pace, President and Executive Director of the Global Health Council, the primary membership organization connecting and supporting a worldwide global health community..
  • Another top Biden advisor during the campaign who has a long Africa-related resume is Susan Rice, who served as Obama’s UN ambassador and National Security Advisor She was on the short list for vice president and is widely viewed as a potential pick for Secretary of State….

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