Africa: G7 Leaders Expected to Provide 1 Billion Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine to the World


Sumary of Africa: G7 Leaders Expected to Provide 1 Billion Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine to the World:

  • Last week the Prime Minister asked fellow G7 leaders to help vaccinate the entire world by the end of next year..
  • At the Summit world leaders are expected to announce they will provide at least 1 billion coronavirus vaccine doses to the world through dose sharing and financing and set out a plan to expand vaccine manufacturing in order to achieve that goal..
  • The UK will donate 5 million doses by the end of September, beginning in the coming weeks, primarily for use in the world poorest countries..
  • The Prime Minister has also committed to donating a further 95 million doses within the next year, including 25 million more by the end of 2021..
  • By sharing 5 million doses in the coming weeks the UK will meet an immediate demand for vaccines for the countries worst affected by coronavirus without delaying completion of our initial domestic vaccination programme..
  • By vaccinating more people around the world not only will we help bring an end to the global coronavirus pandemic, we will reduce the risk to people in the UK..
  • This includes significantly reducing the threat posed by vaccine-resistant variants emerging in areas with large-scale outbreaks..
  • With the support of the UK Government, Oxford-AstraZeneca are distributing their vaccines on a not for profit basis the world….

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