Africa: Vaccine Deserts -The Nations Trailing in the Fight Against Covid-19

Sumary of Africa: Vaccine Deserts -The Nations Trailing in the Fight Against Covid-19:

  • Kubwayo initially shared the government’s view that the small central African country did not need COVID-19 vaccines because it had so few cases.
  • Along with Eritrea, Tanzania and North Korea, Burundi is one of a handful of nations that have not started vaccinations, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), potentially threatening global efforts to end the pandemic.
  • ” So far, only about 18 million people in Africa, a continent of 1.3 billion, have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 due largely to vaccine shortages, as well as widespread hesitancy.
  • But infections and deaths have jumped in recent weeks as more contagious variants take hold, shining a spotlight on the world’s so-called vaccine deserts – places that are either unable or unwilling to undertake mass inoculation.
  • Burundi’s interior minister, Gervais Ndirakobuca, told reporters last week the government was not against vaccines, pointing to the fact the country has allowed them in for foreigners working for the United Nations and other agencies.
  • ‘FAILURE TO SHARE’ As rich countries open up and start vaccinating less vulnerable younger people, poor countries are struggling to secure vaccines.
  • In Africa and elsewhere, such as Haiti, health authorities have barely begun mass roll-outs.
  • Worldwide, wealthy nations have administered about half of total COVID-19 vaccine doses, compared with just 0.4% in low-income countries, WHO figures from last month show, revealing glaring vaccine inequality.

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