Africa: Which Covid-19 Vaccine Could Reach Developing Countries First?


Sumary of Africa: Which Covid-19 Vaccine Could Reach Developing Countries First?:

  • We asked experts to explain the key differences, and which could be the first to reach low-income countries Pharmaceutical companies are racing to produce a vaccine against COVID-19 to roll out in early 2021 but there are concerns poorer nations may get left behind..
  • Nations have already bought over 6 billion doses of vaccines yet to be approved for market but as of Nov 20 no low-income country has struck a direct deal, according to Duke University researchers..
  • We examine the front-running vaccines and ask experts if efforts to get them to the 22% of the world’s population – or 1.3 billion people – living in developing countries will succeed..
  • Anna Marriott, Health Policy Manager, Oxfam – “The number one challenge we’re seeing is the unprecedented scale of supply that is needed..
  • Taylor, Assistant Director of Programs, Duke Global Health Institute – “We need to focus on timing and equity of distribution..
  • it looks like high-income countries are likely to be well-covered by the first half of 2021 but low-income countries will still be waiting..
  • Roz Scourse, Policy Advisor, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) – “Vaccine nationalism is a huge challenge for access to low and middle-income countries..
  • “Even if people in high income countries get access, if COVID is still circulating in other populations around the world we’re not going to see an end to the pandemic.”.
  • Taylor, Duke Global Health Institute – “In terms of efficient distribution in poorer countries, the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine appears to be the winner so far..
  • Scourse, MSF – “For Pfitzer and Moderna, there are a few different prices out there but basically, very high prices per dose which will definitely restrict their access to low and middle-income countries.”.
  • Sign up for free AllAfrica Newsletters Marriott, Oxfam – “I would rank AstraZeneca and Oxford first in terms of the actual price that they’re selling this vaccine for…

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