After a year at home, children with disabilities deserve priority vaccination | Frances Ryan


Sumary of After a year at home, children with disabilities deserve priority vaccination | Frances Ryan:

  • Kept off school long after their classmates went back, and away from friends, they have found their childhoods put on hold..
  • And while the vaccine rollout gave high-risk adults some reprieve in the new year, those aged under 16, who have not been eligible for any vaccine, are still living in limbo..
  • Yet we have barely heard a thing about disabled children plight through the coronavirus crisis – a silence that has not been helped by the faux-reassuring narrative that “no healthy child”.
  • Now that the UK regulator has at last approved the Pfizer vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds, this blind spot is becoming even more glaring..
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) children, meanwhile – who are desperate for protection themselves – are barely being mentioned..
  • I’ve heard from parents whose children have effectively been banned from classrooms because their disability means they’re unable to socially distance..
  • At the same time as missing school, children with disabilities have also had respite care and community schemes pulled;.
  • a survey by the Disabled Children Partnership found three-quarters of families with special needs had lost out on care and support services during lockdown….

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