‘An Enemy of the People’: Doctor recalls famous play to depict India’s COVID-19 crisis


Sumary of ‘An Enemy of the People’: Doctor recalls famous play to depict India’s COVID-19 crisis:

  • Reports of mass cremations, of crumbling health care, of people running from pillar to post to get basic oxygen supplies have become grimly familiar to Indians as the country death toll from COVID-19 nearly tripled over the past three weeks..
  • Yet, there seems to be no strategy, no clear directive from the government on how to tackle the situation at hand..
  • Dr. Diptendra Sarkar, oncologist and consultant surgeon from Kolkata, India recalled a play by Henrik Ibsen, “An Enemy of the People”.
  • An Enemy of the People India second infection surge came soon after Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared victory over the coronavirus in January, telling the virtual gathering of the World Economic Forum that India success couldn’t be compared with anywhere else..
  • Doctor recalls famous play ‘An Enemy of the People’ to describe present situation However, over the past weeks, several health experts have slammed India complacency in dealing with the coronavirus..
  • India‘s health minister, Harsh Vardhan, said earlier this month that activities such as elections, religious gatherings and a lack of mask-wearing at functions such as weddings had contributed to the upsurge in cases..
  • Lack of a clear narrative However, in the state of Maharashtra — one of the worst affected states in India — COVID-19 vaccination for people between 18-44 years of age “have been deferred by 15 days,”.
  • Hinduja Hospital and chairperson of the Healthcare Subcommittee of Confederation of Indian Industries, told Global News..
  • 4:05 ‘Complacency’ responsible for COVID-19 crisis in India, says doctor ‘Complacency’ responsible for COVID-19 crisis in India, says doctor Local administration is supposed to provide shots to private COVID-19 vaccination clinics but “logistics and vaccine price for private centres are yet to be finalized,”.
  • people can call if they need any information regarding COVID-19, she said, “we are all dependent on social media.”.
  • 1:01 Kamala Harris calls COVID-19 situation in India ‘tragic’ Kamala Harris calls COVID-19 situation in India ‘tragic’ The state of Karnataka, home to tech hub Bengaluru, has also postponed its new vaccination drive for adults that was to start on Saturday..
  • Experts have since long pointed out that mass vaccination is the only way out of this – given the impossibility of a complete lockdown in a country of India bulk – however, there is still no clarity on when or where shots would become available in some states…

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