An Epidemiologist Says At-Home Testing Is Key To Stopping COVID

an epidemiologist says at home testing is key to stopping covid

Sumary of An Epidemiologist Says At-Home Testing Is Key To Stopping COVID:

  • Scott Olson/Getty Images hide caption toggle caption Scott Olson/Getty Images At-home tests are becoming increasingly difficult to find despite manufacturers boosting production as COVID-19 cases rise in schools and employers increase monitoring.
  • Scott Olson/Getty Images The COVID-19 response plan that President Biden unveiled last week aims to dramatically increase the accessibility of rapid tests for the coronavirus.
  • “Should anything go wrong with the vaccines, we need backup plans,” he told NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly in April, before the highly contagious delta variant drove the current wave of infections.
  • “If new variants come around that get around people’s immune systems, especially in elderly whose immune systems a year after they get vaccinated might be waning in terms of their level of protection, we want to be able to limit spread as much as possible.
  • There are already reports of these rapid at-home antigen tests being hard to find on store shelves and online.
  • “While I am extraordinarily supportive of the president’s action plan to increase the accessibility and availability of these rapid tests .
  • Interview Highlights On how well rapid antigen tests work compared to PCR tests For public health, [rapid tests] work very well.
  • But the delays and the lack of ready access makes [PCR tests] a much more ill-equipped test to be able to actually curb spread during this pandemic.

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