Applications closed for rent relief 4 hours after city program launches


Sumary of Applications closed for rent relief 4 hours after city program launches:

  • In less than four hours, the city received 8,000 applications for its Rental and Utility Relief Program, maxing out the amount it was willing to accept in this first round..
  • Honolulu launched the program Monday to distribute $114 million in federal COVID relief for rent and utilities by the end of the year..
  • “When we get those applications, the portal will temporarily close (to) review applications, gather additional information from applicants, get those payments out to the landlords and utilities, as well to reopen for the next group of applicants shortly thereafter..
  • The first round prioritized households below 50% of the area median income in Honolulu, which is $44,100 a year for one person and $62,950 for a family of four..
  • “There a lot of money to give out, and we know that it needs to be dispersed island­- wide as best we can do.”.
  • Those who are seeking relief will need to show that they were financially harmed during the pandemic, such as unemployment or a reduction in wages….

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