Are There Any Long-Term Effects On Heart Health Post COVID-19 Vaccination?

are there any long term effects on heart health post covid 19 vaccination

Sumary of Are There Any Long-Term Effects On Heart Health Post COVID-19 Vaccination?:

  • are signs that your immune system is healthy and well-functioning [2][3].
  • Today, we will look at the long-term effects of the COVID-19 vaccine on one’s heart health.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine And Heart Health Heart patients come under the list of people at the risk of contracting severe illnesses, added that the COVID-19 virus can acute myocardial injury and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system [4].
  • Reports show that since the advent of the pandemic, there have been a surge in the number of deaths due to cardiac arrest, post coronavirus infections, and people with heart disease are more likely to have a severe or critical case of COVID-19 [5].
  • Due to this, health bodies around the globe have been advising people with underlying heart conditions to get the vaccine as soon as possible.
  • To date, some of the severe side effects or complications caused by the COVID-19 vaccine are Guillen-barre syndrome, increased blood clots, myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), or anaphylaxis (acute allergic reaction to an antigen) [6][7].
  • So, are COVID-19 vaccines safe for people with heart health issues?
  • Reports strongly state that COVID-19 vaccines are not only safe for people with heart diseases, but they are a necessity [10].

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