Australia‘s bold call on new variant

australias bold call on new variant

Sumary of Australia‘s bold call on new variant:

  • The Australian government has made some surprising comments about the worrying new variant of Covid-19.The Australian government has made some surprising comments about the concerning new variant of the coronavirus, offering some very different advice to Britain.
  • The UK‘s health security agency has expressed serious concerns about the new strain, known as B11529, which is believed to be circulating in a number of South African provinces.
  • On Thursday, British Health Secretary Sajid Javid announced the UK would slam its borders shut to six African nations and place them on its travel Red List.
  • “Our scientists are deeply concerned about this variant,” Mr Javid said.
  • ”But Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt expressed a very different perspective on the new variant when he spoke to the press on Friday.
  • ”The Prime Minister expressed similar sentiments to Mr Hunt, urging Australians not to panic about the new variant yet.
  • The World Health Organisation will meet today to discuss whether to declare B11529 a major new variant.

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