Barred From Flying Over Mask Dispute, Lawmaker Asks to Be Excused From Senate

barred from flying over mask dispute lawmaker asks to be excused from senate

Sumary of Barred From Flying Over Mask Dispute, Lawmaker Asks to Be Excused From Senate:

  • An Alaska lawmaker has asked to be excused from legislative sessions until next year, saying she has no way to fly to the state capital after she was barred from Alaska Airlines for violating mask policies.
  • After the confrontation, Alaska Airlines said it had notified Ms. Reinbold that she was “not permitted to fly with us for her continued refusal to comply with employee instruction regarding the current mask policy.
  • ”Ms. Reinbold had previously complained about Alaska Airlines on Facebook, saying it was “part of mask tyranny.
  • ”Speaking on the floor of the Alaska State Senate on Thursday, Ms. Reinbold asked that she be excused from Senate business from Sept.
  • 15 “because there’s no airline other than Alaska Airlines that flies into Juneau during that period that I’m aware of.
  • The Republican-led Senate accepted her request without objection and indicated that she would be shown as “excused on those dates.
  • Alaska Airlines said on Saturday that Ms. Reinbold had been told on April 24 that she was not permitted to fly on the airline.
  • “Since then, a review did happen and the suspension was upheld,” the airline said in a statement.

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