Biden poised to announce all US adults vaccine-eligible by 19 April – US politics live


Sumary of Biden poised to announce all US adults vaccine-eligible by 19 April – US politics live:

  • Congressman Jamie Raskin, the Democrat who represents Frederick in the House, said he and his team were “closely monitoring”.
  • Hakeem Jeffries, the chairman of the House Democratic caucus, confirmed the passing of his colleague and fellow Congressional Black caucus member, Alcee Hastings..
  • The sad passing of Alcee Hastings creates another vacancy in the House of Representatives, meaning there are now six total vacancies in the lower chamber..
  • Once Republican Julia Letlow is sworn in next week, the number of vacancies will decrease to five, and the breakdown of the House will be 218 Democrats and 212 Republicans..
  • Congressman Alcee Hastings, a Democrat of Florida, has reportedly died at 84, after struggling with pancreatic cancer for the past two years..
  • Hastings was Florida most senior member of Congress, and his local paper, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, broke the news of his death:.
  • Hastings crusaded against racial injustice as a civil rights lawyer, became a federal judge who was impeached and removed from office, and went on to win 15 congressional elections, becoming Florida senior member of Congress..
  • House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer expressed hope that it would bring some solace to the family and colleagues of Officer William “Billy”.
  • “It is now the great and solemn privilege of the House of Representatives and the Senate to convey the appreciation and the sadness of the Congress and Country for the heroic sacrifice of Officer Evans with a lying-in-honor ceremony in the U.S..
  • The ceremonial event will not be open to the public, because of the coronavirus pandemic, but USCP officers and members of Congress have been invited to a viewing period at the Capitol…

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