Biden to announce all US adults vaccine-eligible by 19 April – US politics live


Sumary of Biden to announce all US adults vaccine-eligible by 19 April – US politics live:

  • Boehner view chimes with that of Steve Bannon, a key propagator of the theory who was Trump campaign chairman in 2016 and a senior White House strategist..
  • Boehner was a congressman from Ohio for 24 years, a figure in the Washington firmament, House speaker from 2011 until his retirement in 2015..
  • Trump obsession with Deep State conspiracy ‘delusional’, John Boehner says Joe Biden will announce all American adults will be eligible to receive a coronavirus vaccine by April 19, the White House said..
  • The president is scheduled to deliver an update on vaccine distribution in Alexandria, Virginia, later today, and the White House said Biden will also announce the US has administered 150 million vaccine doses since he took office..
  • Jen Psaki was asked whether Joe Biden is concerned by indications that Americans are becoming more relaxed about social-distancing guidelines..
  • A reporter noted more than 30,000 people attended the Texas Rangers home opener yesterday, and TSA reported a noticeable uptick in travel over Easter Weekend..
  • Biden will likely echo that message later today, when he delivers an update on vaccine eligibility and distribution in Alexandria, Virginia..
  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether Vladimir Putin has confirmed his attendance to Joe Biden climate summit later this month..
  • But Psaki would not confirm whether Putin has indicated he will attend, simply saying she would have more details on attendees as the summit approaches..
  • The Guardian David Smith is in the White House briefing room today, and he asked Jen Psaki how Joe Biden is measuring the success of democracy around the world..
  • The White House press secretary said Biden wants to show democracies can succeed economically, but she emphasized the president was also dedicated to sharing America democratic “values”.
  • Psaki replied by noting Biden has said he supports DC statehood, and she emphasized the president remains in close coordination with local leaders to ensure vaccines are equitably distributed across the country..
  • Jen Psaki encouraged American seniors to get vaccinated as quickly as possible, before eligibility expands to all adults and lines for shots get longer..
  • A reporter asked the White House press secretary whether she expected Joe Biden to move up the anticipated date when US will return a sense of normality..
  • On whether the July 4 date will move up, Psaki said, “I don’t have any expectation of that at this point.”.
  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked about reports that Major League Baseball will hold its All-Star Game in Colorado..
  • Comparing the election practices of the two states, Psaki noted Colorado is a state that sends all registered voters mail-in ballots and allows same-day voter registration..
  • Joe Biden will announce later today that the US has administered 150 million shots since he took office, Jen Psaki said..
  • The White House press secretary also confirmed that Biden will announce all American adults will be eligible to receive a vaccine by April 19..
  • Psaki noted Buttigieg, the secretary of transportation, will be meeting with moderate Democrats in Congress to discuss the specifics of Biden proposal….

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