Bisaya in South Korea – from Factory Worker to Radio Broadcaster!


Sumary of Bisaya in South Korea – from Factory Worker to Radio Broadcaster!:

  • Still, she hoped and prayed her husband would see the light one day and eventually join the two of them so they could live as a family again..
  • But she never imagined it would take 10 years before he did make it to Korea, and, alas, for reasons contrary to their agreed initial plan..
  • Her husband readily agreed, which hurt her even more, further implying that he didn’t care much for their son..
  • She gladly grabbed that chance and made the most of it, even becoming the mouthpiece of her fellow Filipinos in the workplace..
  • While counselors-in-training were taught skills to address victims of domestic violence, the calls they received ranged from the most trivial concerns to sensitive issues such as working conditions, marital problems, and extra-marital affairs..
  • She was introduced to the Human Resources Development (HRD) Service of Korea, since it had just opened a training program for the Employment Permit System (EPS) workers..
  • Fortunately, the station, Multicultural Family Music Broadcasting operated by Woongjin Foundation and Digital Skynet, called back and she got the job….

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