Blaming the ‘worried well’ for long COVID testing queues won’t help anxious South Australians. This will

blaming the worried well for long covid testing queues wont help anxious south australians this will

Sumary of Blaming the ‘worried well’ for long COVID testing queues won’t help anxious South Australians. This will:

  • Is a term invented to describe apparently healthy people who think they might have a disease or medical problem, so see a doctor or have testing..
  • It shouldn’t be confused with hypochondria, which is chronic anxiety about your health to the level it may be considered a psychiatric illness..
  • The “worried well”, in contrast, are often responding to a situation that asks people to be paying special attention to an aspect of their health..
  • How genetic testing is swelling the ranks of the ‘worried well’ We can’t dismiss people real anxiety Dismissing people who seek medical attention for vague ailments or unsubstantiated risks as the “worried well”.
  • In the face of a global pandemic, where an invisible pathogen is transmitted often through pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic people, many of us are a bit anxious..
  • COVID-19 tests now use gentler nose swabs Vigilance can be useful for achieving compliance with the COVID-safe rules that have restructured our daily habits, such as physical distancing, avoiding touch and regularly washing our hands..
  • Anxiety is less useful if it results in people who have no known exposure and no COVID symptoms presenting for testing, particularly if there is a concern testing services may be stretched by demand..
  • Yes, it can be frustrating In the context of an outbreak where there is urgent need to test people who have been exposed, and where testing capacity is being overwhelmed, reference to the “worried well”.
  • Why some people don’t want to take a COVID-19 test We’d be better off promoting testing as doing the ‘right thing’ New South Wales and Victoria have promoted COVID testing as doing the “right thing”..
  • Both emphasise people with COVID-like symptoms should be tested regardless of whether they have had a known exposure….

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